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This is Only a Test

Let us think back to a time when listening to the radio was peaceful or relaxing. Maybe it’s on a nice warm Sunday afternoon and you’re with your sweetheart checking out the countryside listening to some good music. Maybe you’re up at the crack of dawn listening to the night’s events unfold through the newscaster’s mellow voice. Maybe you are fishing or relaxing or just having a moment of calm in your vehicle before the work day begins with your favorite local station.

Then, all of the sudden and without warning, comes a loud, high-pitched, obnoxious tone through the speakers that makes you jump out of your seat. A man’s voice quickly breaks through the din: “This is a test of the Illinois Emergency Management system. If this had been a real emergency…” and then my attention fades as I realize it’s not important to listen anymore.

The purpose of the peace-shattering noise is to make sure the emergency warning system is working properly on that particular station. It is a test to make sure everything is functioning like it should be. Had their been a real emergency, the nice man in the middle of the noise tells us, instructions would have followed.

In our Christian lives we go through a lot of tests. Honestly we probably go through more of them than we realize. In a sense it would probably be nice if we had something to tell us that we are only going through a test, but we don’t.

What we do have, though, is instructions to get us through the test. Just like the calm man who makes sure we know we are just experiencing a radio test, we have the Word of God to guide a direct us through the tests and trials of this life.

The Apostle James writes in his epistle, “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.” (James 1:12) When we have trials or temptation the only thing to do is to go to the instructions, the Word of God. The Lord wants to help us and see us through these tests so we can be more like the Lord Jesus Christ.

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