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How is Cornerstone Different? (Part 2)

Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of articles about our church for our local newspaper, the Salem Times-Commoner. The TC does not have a website so I decided to post the articles here on the church blog as well. I hope they will be a blessing to you and help you understand the biblical basis for Cornerstone’s “differences” from other churches in Salem and Marion County. Please do not mistake a difference in doctrine, preference, or personality as a sign of animosity or dislike of any Christian or church in our community. Though we may disagree with others we do not have to be disagreeable in doing so.


The next reason I think Cornerstone is different is found in another word we use to describe ourselves: Fundamental.

When we hear the word fundamental in today’s context we often think of acts of terrorism or extreme right-wing groups. Neither of these things is true of Cornerstone Baptist Church nor of actual fundamental Christianity.

The word fundamental simply means “a central or primary rule or principle on which something based.” When we use the term fundamental to describe ourselves we are simply saying we believe the basic, elementary principles of Christianity to be wholly true and trustworthy.

In 1905 a group came together at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church to determine what the absolute most basic tenants of Christianity are. In this meeting they identified what they called and we consider the fundamentals of the faith. They are:

  1. Inerrancy of Scripture (the Bible is perfect and without fault)
  2. Virgin Birth and Deity of Christ (Jesus was born of the virgin Mary and is God in the flesh)
  3. Vicarious Atonement of Christ (Jesus paid our sin-debt for us on the cross of Calvary)
  4. Bodily Resurrection of Christ (Jesus rose again the third day in his body)
  5. Visible Return of Christ (Jesus is physically coming to this earth again)

These doctrines are not just in a motto we use or a song we sing, we actively teach, preach, and promote these beliefs here at Cornerstone Baptist Church. They are central to the message of scripture and thus central to the message we hold to. Many churches in our area may subscribe to one or many of these truths which is a good thing. The truth is, though, that it was not that long ago that nearly all churches and Christians believed these to be true.

We at Cornerstone want to be identified with the basic doctrines taught in the Word of God. To do so we boldly proclaim ourselves Fundamentalists. We stand with God’s Word on the issues and want to make sure others know our stand.

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